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Active Healthy Ways

Dr. Theresa M. Ross has assisted many health participants over the years to meet their health and wellness goals.  She believes that health participants should be given information that will assist them in taking responsibility for their health and well-being.  Her extensive health knowledge  has given her the skills to educate and counsel  in the four life platforms: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  These platforms are central to bringing balance to the physical body.

She has studied the healith and wellness teaching of pioneer health practitioners  Ann Wigmore, Arnold Ehret, Dr. Walker, and Shelton. To stay current on health modalities that will assist her health participants, Dr. Ross attends health workshops, holistic conferences, reads wellness publications, and continues to take classes that focus on health and wellness.

Dr. Theresa M. Ross, Background:

Certified Health and Wellness Consultant

Reiki Practitioner

Metaphysical Practitioner

Holistic Life Coach

Spiritual Response Practitioner

Ordained Metaphysical Minister


American Holistic Health Association​​​

National Association of Holistic Wellness

International Reiki Organization